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Network Information

Wisconsin Internet's core network is 100% switched Fast Ethernet. High-end Cisco 7206 VXR routers perform core routing functions and Foundry Networks Ethernet Switches perform Layer 4 switching. However you connect to us, you get the benefits of a fully redundant network. Wisconsin Internetıs network is multi-homed. This means we connect to the worldwide Internet backbone using more than one provider. We were the first local provider in Racine and Kenosha counties to have this type of connectivity, and we have it available in all our service areas. We connect via multiple telecommunications carriers. Our network also features the latest Layer 4 switching technology, which allows us to have multiple redundant servers. Vital services like DNS and E-mail are protected with this technology. Our network is housed in our Racine Data Center. Our Data Center features conditioned electricity protected by both UPS and generator, dual entrance fiber from two different telecommunications carriers, and dedicated climate control systems.


Racine, WI: The Belle City of the Lakes
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